House Rabbit HandbookHouse Rabbit Handbook
by Marinell Harriman (Drollery Press)

A general rabbit-care book packed with valuable information that will be useful to virtually any owner. Covers basic digestive physiology, diet, housing, and behavior. Highly recommended, and moderately priced: around $9 paperback. Buy on

Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery ed. Hillyer and Quesenberry (W.B. Saunders)

A collection of articles by various experts exotics practitioners, covering topics such as gastrointestinal diseases, reproductive and urogenital diseases, respiratory diseases, and others. The rabbit section is approximately 100 pp. long. A useful book for owners interested in rabbit medicine. Price: around $40-45 paperback. Note: Owning this book may be particularly useful for those who do not live near vets experienced in rabbit medicine; general clinicians themselves are not likely to own it, but might appreciate the opportunity to use the owner's copy as a reference when treating rabbit patients. Buy on

The Biology of the Laboratory Rabbit ed. Manning et al. (Academic Press)

This book is a classic in rabbit physiology and medicine. Both style and content are geared to medically educated readers. Chapters are written by experts/researchers in specific areas — e.g., Cheeke's chapter on Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases. Price: around $150-160. Buy on

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