An Open Letter to our Members from NYC HRS

Rabbit Rescue & Rehab is experiencing a higher-than-usual level of calls regarding unwanted rabbits. The calls are coming from A) people who find abandoned rabbits in their yards, in parks, at roadsides, etc., B) people reporting neglected or sick rabbits in neighbors’ outdoor hutches or at schools or other institutions, and C) people who no longer want their own pets. We are getting calls to take in 60-100 rabbits per month, which we cannot do.

Unfortunately, the ASPCA does not take in strays in many areas. Some municipal animal control agencies do, but are forced to euthanize because of the enormous numbers of unwanted pets in their shelters. Bide-a-Wee, North Shore Animal League, and many other shelters simply do not take rabbits. To make things worse, recently the Nassau County SPCA shut down due to internal problems.

If anyone knows someone thinking about getting a pet rabbit (or someone thinking of abandoning one), please refer them to our website. We have many wonderful bunnies who are waiting for permanent homes. Several bunny finders have kindly offered to foster the rabbits they have found, and these bunnies also need homes.

We help anyone feeling overwhelmed by rabbit care by offering information on litterbox training, socialization, “bunny proofing,” handling, and nail cutting so that caring for a bunny will be easier and a lot more enjoyable. Our little group does public education booths at street fairs, shelter events, the Nassau Coliseum Pet Expo, and our own annual rabbit care conference. We do in-home visits by appointment and are always available to help by phone and email. We hope to stem the flow of abandoned and unwanted rabbits, but it is taking time.

If anyone would like to offer donations or volunteer help with any of these efforts, please contact Cindy Stutts at

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