Lucky in China

by Cindy Stutts

Last year during a business trip to Shanghai, my hosts decided to take me out to dinner. As we arrived at the restaurant, I noticed a large pen off to the side. In it, I could see various types of fowl and...a pair of rabbit ears! Sure enough, there was indeed a large brown rabbit in the pen. None of us could understand why he was there, but whatever the reason it could not have been any good.

All during dinner we agonized over what we should do about the rabbit. By this point in the trip, my hosts were well acquainted with stories about my own furry horde. In fact, I had even shown them my bunny photo album that I usually took along with me on trips. As it turned out, one of my hosts, Johnny, was not only an animal lover but had a degree in animal husbandry from the University of Taiwan.

Johnny decided to buy the rabbit from the outdoor pen. We put him in a box and smuggled him into my hotel room. We promptly named him “SHIN Wen,” which means “Lucky” in Mandarin. During all this time, Lucky never struggled or made any attempt to get away. I think he knew we were there to help him. Once he was safe in the hotel, we gave him a big bowl of fresh water and a mound of fresh greens. Only then it dawned on me that there was no possibility of bringing him back to New York.

I didn’t need to worry. The next morning when Johnny came to pick me up, he had already decided that he would adopt Lucky into his family. We went on the Internet and printed out information from the House Rabbit Society web page on all the various aspects of rabbit care. When I left Shanghai the next day, I was certain I had left Lucky in good hands.

I returned a month later to find Lucky totally content in his new home and the center of attention. What a far cry from where we found him. He now had an adoring family who was taking good care of him. His fur was thick and shiny. He even loved sitting on laps and being petted.

As educator for the House Rabbit Society and an active member of our local chapter, Rabbit Rescue & Rehab, I am all too aware of the lack of information about rabbits that leads to their neglect or abandonment. It can be disheartening. But knowing there are people like Johnny and his family out there, even in far away places, keeps me motivated. We have stayed in contact over the past year and I know that at least one “Lucky” rabbit has found a loving home in Shanghai!

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