Adopter Love Letters

“I can’t possibly thank you enough for the glorious gift of this little girl. It just makes me feel so chest-burstingly happy to just watch her play and eat and sleep, and have her come up sniffing to me, and let me pet her. Tonight, she even took one of her new toys (a little reed ball with a jingly pom-pom in it—I went a little nuts at Whiskers today), and would pick it up in her mouth and bring it to me. She’ll nibble lettuce and kale right out of my hand, and it appears that she loves basil, rabe, and cilantro as well. I keep getting goosebumps from the happiness….I just couldn’t be more smitten.”
—Kat Kinsman

“Rowan is so happy here and he is really turning out to be charming (he likes all the ladies that come over…) At first he was shy but now he seems to have forgotten what ‘shy’ means.... I couldn’t be happier with him; he doesn’t chew on anything except his hay which pleases me a lot. His only weakness is for the remote control to the television. For some reason he really enjoys chewing the buttons off, but luckily he has only succeeded in chewing off one. Now we keep it way out of reach for him! Anyway, I am just a ‘proud mother’ who wants to brag about my wonderful baby and I thought that you would appreciate hearing how wonderfully Rowan is doing here. Thanks for bringing us together!! I love him!!”
—Andrea Greenberg

“Duncan is fantastic. Very healthy and active, so handsome, and has become more and more cuddly as the days go on.... He has TONS of carpeted halls and floors to race around, which he loves! He continues to “rearrange” shoes that are not in places he wants them, but does not do much damage, just drags them to the edge of the carpet. We are taking advantage of the wide range of organic greens available at Fairway and he enjoys gourmet salads of dandelion greens, herbs, lettuces, etc. (his faves are carrot tops and sage).”
—Elissa Lash

“Dickens is living in my office in my new apartment. He has the run of the room full time, but “his space” is under one of my desks. (I built a gate on the front out of NIC panels if I have to close him in for any reason.) He seems really comfortable, flopping over, frequently laying about all stretched out…. I leave the door to my office open when I’m home, and sometimes he’ll come out and investigate the hallway and the kitchen and the bathroom. He’s really funny. He hasn’t been bold enough to go far into the living room yet, but I figure he will eventually.”
—Rich Boniface

“My family can hardly remember what it was like before PJ became a part of
our family. He has brought us so much joy. We all love him incredibly, and
he is certainly the love of my little old lady Smokey. PJ is extremely
attentive to Smokey, spending tons of time grooming and cuddling with her.
He is incredibly curious and adventurous, but always takes time out from
his exploring to return to Smokey and look after her. Seeing how much PJ and Smokey love each other, I feel terrible that I waited so many years before bringing a companion for Smokey into our home."
—Nancy Dougherty

“…Everything’s fabulous. Greta and Osbourne are living in my lovely bedroom with no cages. They are getting along great. They like to sit together and nap together. He’s taken over as my alarm clock on weekends. If I don’t get up at the normal time to feed them, he jumps onto the bed and pokes me with his nose to remind me that it’s time for breakfast. I gave them a wicker hamper that they have chewed through to make an entrance, an exit, and a peep hole at nose level, so I think they feel safe in there. I also made them a ramp up to the bed that they can run up and down or nap underneath, and it’s been well received.Thank you again for helping me bring them together. I think they are both enjoying having a companion for snacking and playing. Plus he’s so cute and entertaining for me. Whoo hoo!”
—Lauren Spooner

“So, Kenny and Barbie (aka Mista Kenny... Kennykind and Barbina... they now have a few nick names) are doing very well. We’re all really connected. Barbie isn’t really outgoing and I attribute that to her naturally shy personality... but she seems happy. Kenny is Kenny, a lover, and a really funny guy! Their home environment has gone through some changes... they really love boxes and they have the “bunny fort.” They still live in a puppy pen. Their diet is great, they get daily papaya tabs, Oxbow Bunny Basics T, and lettuce, fruit and an herb every day. They really like carrots, apples, and banana. I've attached a photo of them opening their Christmas presents... my mom made them little quilts…”
—Laura Simpson

“Just wanted to give you an update. Lucy and Nelson’s bonding sessions are going good. She seems to understand how she needs to act with him a little bit more. Nelson has become very confident in my room. He binkies when I talk to him in a certain tone—it is sooooo cute…” (Two months later): “They are totally in love, they never stop grooming each other. They do everything as a team. I’m so glad I stuck to it for those months!”
—Kristen Miller

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