Bachelor Number Three: Floppy Finds a Partner for a New Leap in Life

by Abby Wolf

When we lost our dear Mokie last June, our hearts were broken, and we weren't sure how soon – if ever – we could even contemplate adopting a new bunny friend for Mokie's beloved companion, Floppy. At first, we thought Floppy was handling Mokie's passing far better than we were. But then she began to mope. She picked at her food and hay, and lost interest in her favorite games of Bunch-the-Towel and Cardboard Playhouse Deconstruction. Something had to be done.

So, after a respectable period of mourning, we brought Floppy to the NYC-metro House Rabbit Society chapter where she could meet some potential companions.

First came a little grey guy – handsome, but most ungentlemanly. He ran right over to Floppy and began humping her without even introducing himself – and then he hopped away. Hmmf; love 'em and leave 'em. He would not do. Next came a fluffy white boy who, although quite attractive himself, hadn't the slightest interest in our beautiful girl. He ran right past her, down the hall to another area as if she did not exist. Good thing Floppy has a healthy sense of self-esteem! Score so far: 0-2.

A sassy little girl-bunny followed, but she promptly began to smack Floppy's face. By this time, we were wondering if we'd ever find the right companion for our mellow girl.

But then came Bachelor Number Three: Timmy Tilford, a striking agouti fellow who had all the right moves. He ambled over to Floppy, casual and confident, kissed her face, and then stretched out attentively by her side. Clearly, this was a guy who knew how to court a girl! Timmy continued to cuddle with Floppy in the hall, to the delight of all onlookers. This was a match meant to be.

We packed up the two lovebirds, complete with Timmy's toys as a “dowry,” and headed over the river for home

As instructed, we took the two buns out each day for brief periods of supervised "together-time" in a neutral part of the house. For the first few days, there was a fair amount of humping (they took turns), and occasional hair pulling. Gradually, though,the bunnies would lie side by side, and we would pet them both, murmuring words of encouragement.

Near the end of the first week, we shifted playtime from the hallway to the kitchen – which, after all, is where they would eventually be living. The two of them surprised us by jumping into — and using — each other's litterboxes. Soon after this, Timmy made his move. He followed Floppy into her condo, and, to our astonishment, she did not object! The entire courtship and bonding period was gentle and peaceful, and lasted a remarkably short week (this can vary quite a bit, depending on the personality of the bunnies; some take many weeks).

Since then, Floppy and Timmy have been inseparable. They kiss and groom each other throughout the day, and often spend the afternoons cuddling side by side, occasionally moving to change positions, but never losing contact with one other. They eat together from the same dish, and love running and binkying around the dining room together. Oftentimes they are so in tune with each other that each grooms the same parts of his/her body at the same time as the other.

Although we still miss Mokie and will never forget her, we are slowly healing, thanks in large part to Timmy and the tremendous amount of love he and Floppy show each other. I do believe what is often said about our beloved companion critters: sometimes, one of them must leave in order to make room in our homes and hearts for another creature that is in desperate need of someone to love.

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