Here are our collected links to articles on care and behavior of house rabbits. Those that take you off our site will be marked with an asterisk [*] next to the link.
NYC Metro Rabbit News articles are now available online.

Rabbits Revisited (in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format)
The cover story from ASPCA Animal Watch, Spring 2001

Nine Common Rabbit Myths (in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format)

Your First House Rabbit: What to Expect? *

What Should I Feed My Bunny? *

Winning Over a Shy Bunny

Spay or Neuter My Rabbit?

HELP! My Bunny's Sick and I Can't Reach My Vet!

Gastrointestinal Stasis: The Silent Killer (for owners)

Ileus in Domestic Rabbits (for veterinarians)
This article appeared in the August/September 2000 issue of Exotic D.V.M. Magazine.

10-Point Primer for New Bunny Families (in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format)
For a text version of this Primer, please contact

Nine Reasons for Keeping Your Bunny Indoors

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